Eigo C1, Tuesday April 17th

Today we’ll start looking at some online tools, and you will start working individually. You should complete all of the following tasks during the class. If you have a question or problem, please ask a classmate or Mr. Shearon.

1. Class notebook

You will need one of your notebooks (remember, you need two notebooks for this class). Make sure your name in romaji (first name first, family name last) and student number are written on the cover.
Open to a new page. Write your name at the top and the date (April 17).
During the class, please write the answers and comments for activities in your notebook in English.
Your notebooks are the most important part of your work this semester. They make up your language portfolio. Your language portfolio is a record of all the work you do this semester.
Your grade will be mostly based on how well you write your notebooks.

2. Word Engine

Make sure that your name and student number are entered correctly in the 設定 section of your account. Your name should be in romaji, first name first and family name second. Your names should be capitalised. Your student number should be written in capital letters and numbers:

Ben Shearon OK
ben shearon NO
benshearon NO
Shearon Ben NO
shearonben NO
shearonb NO
シャーロン ベン NO
車論勉 NO

A7TC1001 OK
a7tc1001 NO

Also, you should do at least 30 minutes of online study using Word Engine per week. This is about five minutes per day. It is much better to do five minutes per day than to do 30 minutes once. At the end of the semester you must have completed 7.5 hours in order to pass this course.

3. English Central

Go to http://ja.englishcentral.com/ and click on the 60秒で紹介ビデオをチェック
Register (無料登録)
Click on ヘルプ at the bottom of the page and read about the site.

Click on ブラウズ, then ビデオ
Watch a video. Write the title in your notebook.
Watch two more videos.

Choose the best video, and write in your notebook:
-what is the video about?
-did you understand it?
-do you agree with the content?

Write about English Central in your notebook:
-do you think it will be useful for your English studies?
-does it have content that you are interested in?

4. Popjisyo

Go to http://www.popjisyo.com/
Copy and paste the following text into the または翻訳したい文書を入力 box:


BEIJING — As the grandson of revolutionary giants, Bo Guagua enjoyed the prestige and privilege that accompanies membership in China’s “red aristocracy.”

When Mr. Bo was at Oxford, he was known for his lavish parties, including a ball where the actor Jackie Chan appeared.

After a pampered childhood in the walled compounds of the Chinese capital, he was sent off for schooling in England, where he developed a reputation as an academically indifferent bon vivant with a weakness for European sports cars, first-class air travel, equestrian sports and the tango.


Read the text using the popups, then translate the last sentence into Japanese. Write the Japanese version in your notebook.
Copy and paste the following URL into the URL box on the popjisyo page: http://www.nytimes.com
Skip the ad
Find the article “Son’s antics…” halfway down the page.

Read the rest of the first page of the article (until the word Ferrari) using the popups.

Write a short reaction (感想文) to the article text in your notebook in English (3-5 lines).

Learn how to make a word list (単語長), read the article again and put words in your word list, then send the list to your mobile phone.

5. Comment

Write some feedback about this class in the comment box (if you can’t see it, click ‘continue reading’) below. You should write in English or Japanese. You can:

1. ask a question
2. comment about the activities
3. make a suggestion
4. write a message

Make sure you write your full name in romaji and student number at the top of the comment.

Your comments today will be visible only to Mr. Shearon. Your classmates will not be able to see them.


If you finish all five activities, you may do Word Engine study, use English Central, read something in English on the internet, or leave early.


Your homework for this week:

1. do at least 30 minutes of Word Engine study
2. use English Central or popjisyo to watch videos or read English articles on the internet
3. write a learning diary in your other notebook. You should write:

-what you did
-which videos you watched or which texts you read
-a reaction to the video or text
-your feelings about studying in this way (do you like it or dislike it)
-which study resource (Word Engine, English Central, popjisyo) do you like best? Why?

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